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Global Online Market

Connecting Buyers & Sellers Around the World



Our Marketplace Tailored to Your Business Needs

We help to connect you directly with the best sellers from around the world - make connections and conduct business your way. 


Buying on Global Online Market makes it simple for you to find and procure what you require to keep your supply chain moving, from merchants you've hand-picked. Our B2B Marketplace supply gives you all the ease and convenience of a B2C store for business-to-business trading.


What is a B2B Marketplace?

A B2B marketplace brings together a large number of B2B buyers and sellers on one website to conduct business. B2B (business-to-business) refers to transactions between businesses, hence B2B marketplaces' shopping experiences must cater to businesses' supply and purchasing demands.


Why choose Global Online Market?

Our B2B marketplace is the ideal place for sourcing, procurement, and vendor management (SPVM) professionals because of the versatility and ease with which trading can take place. Buyers can use a single onboarding process to meet a range of their purchasing needs and keep track of their purchases and quotations in one place.


Buyers benefit from a seamless shopping experience, while sellers get access to markets they may not even be aware of. Everyone's process is made quicker and easier by a marketplace B2B destination.


Efficient Trading

Buyers select their favourite vendors and products and chat with them live when they are connected.


Stay in Touch

Direct contact by chat, emailing with vendors throughout the buying process.


Secure Payments

Pre-verified vendors by our partner payment processor (Stripe) ensures a positive buying experience and a choice of secure payment for your orders.


Stripe provides the highest quality technical components necessary for fraud prevention and banking infrastructure for eCommerce platforms. It forces secure HTTPS for all services using TLS (SSL) features.


How it works

  • Buyers join for FREE and can search for instant buying opportunities on the platform.
  • Buying opportunities from local or international markets.
  • Sellers present their online presence on the platform. They upload their products and deals to the platform on their shop and await buyer contacts.
  • Global Online Market simply charges, from the Sellers, a 5% commission for transacted business, once Buyers have received, verified and confirmed receiving either the goods or the services they have purchased.

Our mission is to empower independent entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. By simplifying the buying process and offering straightforward financial terms and logistics, we’re here to help you find great vendors and expand your retail business.



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