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“Vision is the ability to see the invisible .
Jonathan Swift






This is a B-2-B ONLINE TRADING PLATFORM which facilitates the connection, promotion, sales and purchase of goods and services between businesses. It has specifically been designed for business-to-business wholesale transactions and is available only for providers of and customers for such product. It is not designed for personal, individual users.


If your business is already using our services, you know what to do.


If not, this is how you can join the platform.


  • First, you should sign up for a free account either as a SELLER or BUYER. It will only take you a couple of minutes to do it.
  • Signing up only as a BUYER is really easy. You will not need approval from our payment processor. However, this will limit your business to only being able to BUY online.
  • In order to BUY and SELL you will need to be approved by our PAYMENT PROCESSOR which is STRIPE. They will carry out some due diligence on your business and the business will have to agree to STRIPE’s terms and conditions. For this reason, the service is limited to countries supported by STRIPE.
  • After submitting your application you will receive an EMAIL CONFIRMATION.
  • IF FURTHER INFORMATION IS REQUIRED you will be informed by email and guided through the process by STRIPE. Obviously, there is a higher level of security involved for those who wish to SELL as well as BUY.
  • It usually takes only one or two days to get approval as a BUYER and a little longer to be a SELLER and BUYER.


Once you have completed the formalities you will be able to build up your own online shop and be able to BUY and SELL with the other MEMBER COMPANIES in the most secure and direct possible way. The PLATFORM will guide you in a simple and intuitive manner and there will be a chatline enabling you to contact us anytime you need to.


We support any product or service. You just create your free account in minutes. Here, customers from all over the world can find you and reach out to you.

As a Global Online Market customer (Seller&Buyer), you’ll get to design your own online shop, present your products and promote your services. You will also get access to all our customers, companies from all over the world that work and trade in your field or other field you might be interested in.

You`ll be able to deal directly with your business partners, keep in touch with them each step of the way. You can confirm the receipt of the goods/services (if you are only a Buyer), also negotiate any refund you and your business partner might fiind appropriate in some situations.

The platform does not interfere in anyway during the transactions and there are no charges or additional hidden fees for contacting business partners.

We only charge a 5% commission for concluded business. By concluded business, we mean that both parties received the goods/services they paid for or the payment for the goods/services delivered.


We wish you every success in your venture and thank you for choosing GLOBAL ONLINE MARKET to help you in your endeavour!